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  • MQTT.fx® is a feature-rich MQTT client software designed for interacting with MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) brokers. It provides a user-friendly interface for publishing and subscribing to MQTT topics, message inspection, and connection management.
  • - Visit the official MQTT.fx® website.
    - Purchase the appropriate license based on your needs.
    - Download the latest release for your operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux).
    - Follow the installation instructions provided for your specific platform.
  • MQTT.fx® is now available under commercial license:

    - Single License: One concurrent user.
    - Team License: Supports up to five concurrent users.
    - Enterprise License: Provides an unlimited number of concurrent users.

    All of them are valid for one year.
  • - Open MQTT.fx®
    - Click on the "Connection" icon.
    - Enter the required information, including broker address, port, client ID, and credentials.
    - Use the purchased license key during the connection setup.
    - Click "Connect" to establish a connection to the MQTT broker.
  • Yes, MQTT.fx® with a commercial license supports connections to both public brokers (cloud services) and private brokers hosted on your local network or other specified servers.
  • - After establishing a connection, click on the "Publish" icon.
    - Specify the topic for message publication.
    - Enter the message payload.
    - Optionally, set the QoS (Quality of Service) level and other parameters.
    - Click "Publish" to send the message to the MQTT broker.
  • - Click on the "Subscribe" icon.
    - Enter the topic(s) you want to subscribe to.
    - Choose the QoS level for the subscription.
    - Click "Subscribe" to start receiving messages on the subscribed topics.
  • Yes, MQTT.fx® provides a message log that displays the history of both published and received messages. You can review past messages and their details for troubleshooting or analysis.
  • Yes, MQTT.fx® with a commercial license allows you to save connection configurations for quick and easy access. You can save configurations to files and load them as needed.
  • - Refer to the official MQTT.fx® documentation available on the website.
    - Contact the MQTT.fx® support team for assistance (contact@softblade.de)
    - Check for updates and announcements on the official website or through communication channels associated with MQTT.fx®