Data Protection


Data protection plays a special role, especially on the Internet. Nobody wants their own personal data to fall into the hands of others or to be used for undesirable purposes. We have therefore compiled some information on data protection at Softblade GmbH on this page.

Scope of data storage

Here, a fundamental distinction must be made between personal and anonymous data. By “anonymous data” we mean, for example, web accesses: different accesses can indeed be assigned to the same person, but the identity of this person is unknown to us. Such data is collected for statistical purposes in the form of log files and contains your IP address, date & time, browser identification, possibly the address of the previous web page (“referrer”) and the address & size of the file accessed.

Personal data is only collected, managed and evaluated to the extent necessary to process the respective order. Usually this includes salutation, name, address, telephone/fax number and e-mail address. For the debiting of invoices by direct debit, we also store the bank details and the name of the account holder.

Duration of data storage

Personal data will only be stored for the duration of the contractual relationship and will be destroyed after its proper termination (including after settlement of all claims). Excluded are such personal data for which statutory retention periods must be observed. These data will be blocked by us.

Non-personal data is usually only stored until the next evaluation by statistics software and then deleted.

Data relevant to invoicing (e.g. log files for access to license data) will be stored until the end of the objection period after invoicing or in accordance with the valid legal regulations.

Earmarking of the use and transfer of data

As a matter of principle, we do not pass on any personal data – not even e-mail addresses – without your express permission. We also do not publish the names of reference customers without their prior written permission.

We take all necessary measures to protect personal data against access by unauthorized persons, manipulation, destruction or unauthorized publication. Both the organizational and technical measures for this purpose are constantly being adapted and developed to meet new requirements.

Right to information

You are entitled at any time to request information about the data stored about you. Please send us such a request in writing by mail or e-mail and we will respond as soon as possible.
If data is stored incorrectly, please inform us. We will then immediately replace this data with the corresponding correct data.

Do you have any questions? Then please contact us.

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